Ranjanas Ceramics (Pvt) Ltd. comes with the powerful backing of its mother-brand – the Ranjanas Group of Companies having started operations as far back at the early 90’s in Sri Lanka. The projects the company has undertaken since has made them not merely pioneers but continued leaders in ceramics, granites, natural stones, marbles, PVC flooring and artificial grass in the country. Most leading architects, designers, contractors and property developers and distributors know Ranjanas as a household name thanks to the quality of their products and work. Over the last two decades, the Ranjanas team has always comprised of professionals who have a friendly and personable manner in everything they do, making the experience of working with us that much better.

We are able to meet the most demanding of schedules thanks to our professional developed line of management that is centralized to our hub in Colombo with links and connection all over the island from operations to distributions.

We are also committed to working with global brands that are leaders in manufacturing and quality to ensure that our clients get the most durable option every time. Cutting edge technology and modern design are also factors that we take into consideration when we decide on who are partners will be and as a result we have long standing relationships giving us massive leverage for the best price as well.

When you work with Ranjanas, you not only get the highest levels of quality and service, you also get the most affordable deal while you’re at it!

Work with Ranjanas on your next construction project and see how different the experience is.


To be the premiere tile company in all the markets we work in with consistency every time while providing exceptional service and quality products using the latest technology.


We work with a carefully planned strategy that allows us to stay ahead of the game as the most recognized domestic distributor in the tile and stone market. He are some of our key parameters for success: Always Import and distribute exceptional products, both aesthetically and technically Continue to invest in the Tile brands by positioning ourselves with a contemporary image, unique style and design. Commit to expanding service points to provide outstanding customer service. Make a personal connection with each one of our customers. Maintain the stability of our supply chain. Create a safe, respectful and rewarding workplace for our employees. Partner with customers to make them successful and maximize their results.